Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Particle Board/Chipboard


Please feel free to contact us regarding your request and our full range of chipboard colours, designs and product specifications.
Particle board also know as chipboard in the UK, Australia and other countries, is an engineered wood based panel manufactured for wood particles such as wood chips and saw dust. A synthetic resin or binder is added to the wood particle mix which is then hot pressed to form a composite panel. Various panels can be produce by varying the different particle geometry, board density, resin and manufacturing process in order to create a product for a specific end use. Further enhancement and variation may be obtained by laminating the particle boards for a desired end product.
Automated manufacturing processes have allowed particleboard manufacturers to produce a panel which is consistent in quality, appearance and design. Particleboards can be produced in a variety of dimensions and physical properties which provide the end users with the design and flexibility required by such a dynamic market.
Particleboard uses vary from countertops and doors cores to manufacturing of home decking and furniture.

Storage and Handling


Particleboard should be protected during storage from moisture, sun, and rain. It is highly recommended to be stored indoors in a horizontal position to prevent warping or bending of panels.


The changes in humidity have a changing effect on the dimensions of the board and it is therefore recommended that the products be delivered 24 hours or more before to the location where it will be used. Particleboard should always be handled with care as damage can easily be done when handling the boards incorrectly.